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Skoda Service in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Auto Service & Tuning Centre is an established, independent Skoda specialist garage offering Skoda service and maintenance, for both current and classic Skoda cars.

Our expertly trained technicians combine technical skills developed over 40 years of work in the automotive repair industry, with state-of-the-art, Bosch-approved technology to ensure our delivery of prompt, accurate diagnoses and remedial work.

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Auto Service & Tuning Centre strives to make booking your Skoda service as easy as possible. Select a date and timeslot today using our online booking system, or, alternatively, contact us over the phone to further discuss your requirements. One of our knowledgeable advisors will be happy to assist you.

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Auto Service & Tuning Centre is an independent servicing and maintenance specialist, highly experienced in the realm of German car diagnostics, and repair. Our specialism includes the servicing of Skoda vehicles, conducted exactly to Skoda servicing schedules and standards. Our Bosch accredited team of technicians uses their extensive skillset to effectively service Skodas of all ages and conditions, from Fabias to Octavias. Whether you’re looking to service a personal vehicle used for commuting, or a fleet of professional vehicles, Auto Service & Tuning Centre is committed to ensuring the optimum performance of your Skoda.

Our specialist approach to Skoda servicing takes into account the requirements of both yourself, and your vehicle, using a combination of traditional know-how, and innovative diagnostic technology to perform a variety of servicing and remedial work. For 40 years, we’ve been providing drivers with an outstanding level of service, at a fraction of dealership costs.

We are proud to provide a reliable, superior service, offering Skoda owners in Hertfordshire and beyond an independent alternative to dealership servicing and maintenance. Our fully accredited team of technicians possess unrivalled knowledge of Skoda’s stringent servicing protocols, allowing for our completion of services without warranty invalidation. To further this, Auto Service & Tuning Centre is fully committed to the sourcing and installation of only high-quality, or genuine parts, helping ensure the optimum performance and safety of your Skoda.

Seeking a reputable, honest Skoda servicing specialist? Trust the independent experts – service your car with Auto Service & Tuning Centre.

Our Skoda Servicing Packages

As a Bosch accredited servicing centre, Auto Service & Tuning Centre is able to offer an innovative, three-tier set of Skoda service packages, tailored to the needs of all Skoda models. Our Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages are expertly tailored to the needs of cars subject to a variety of conditions, driving styles, and usage types. Discover which of our optimised packages below best suits the needs of your Skoda;


  • Best suited to well maintained, low-mileage vehicles
  • Includes 31 service tasks and checks
  • Includes oil change and oil filter replacement


  • Should be conducted every 12,000 miles, or every year
  • Includes 47 service tasks and checks
  • Includes oil change, in addition to oil and air filter replacement


  • Should be conducted 24,000 miles or every 2 years
  • Includes 53 service tasks and checks
  • Includes oil change, oil, and air filter replacement, and spark plug replacement if necessary

Why Choose Auto Service & Tuning Centre?

Auto Service & Tuning Centre’s team of highly trained technicians work to provide honest service of outstanding quality, offering German car owners in Hertfordshire an independent, honest alternative to dealership servicing. Clients using us as their trusted Skoda servicing provider experience the following benefits;

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Warranty Retention – Changes made to European ‘Block Exemption’ laws in 2003 allow for independent garages to service vehicles under manufacturer warranty. Auto Service & Tuning Centre is proud to offer service abiding by these laws, providing Skoda drivers in Hertfordshire and beyond an affordable alternative to dealership servicing, and ensuring warranty retention.

Protect the Value of your Skoda – Auto Service & Tuning Centre understand the importance of retaining vehicle value where possible. Ensuring your vehicle is serviced regularly by experienced professionals can greatly assist in value retention. Our expert team of expert technicians works diligently to ensure the quality completion and correct documentation of all work completed at our centre. In addition to this, all work completed by Auto Service & Tuning Centre adheres exactly to Skoda servicing schedules and standards.

Fully accredited technicians –Our expert technicians are fully committed to ongoing training and improvement – one of the reasons our level service has remained outstanding throughout our 36 years of trading.

Genuine and High-Quality Parts – Auto Service & Tuning Centre works to source the most suitable parts for your vehicle, ensuring those installed during or following a service are of only the highest quality or genuine Skoda.

State of the art equipment – Auto Service & Tuning Centre’s team of highly experienced technicians make use of Bosch-designed, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, and tools, allowing for prompt, accurate diagnoses, and the comprehensive inspection of all Skoda models.

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Auto Service & Tuning Centre are accredited providers of Bosch standard servicing. Our highly trained technicians combine their unrivalled knowledge, and confident use of dealership standard diagnostic technology to provide a complete service, including extensive checks and adjustments, alongside scheduled part replacement using only quality, or manufacturer approved parts.

Additional Skoda Servicing

Our German car expertise extends far beyond Skoda servicing. Auto Service & Tuning Centre is proud to offer more than 13 additional fully comprehensive Skoda maintenance, repair, and tuning services. From brake fluid changes to DPF regeneration, all of our Skoda services are completed by fully accredited technicians committed to ensuring your car’s optimum performance.

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Skoda Service FAQs

How often should a Skoda be serviced?

Skoda's servicing schedules generally recommend that most models should be serviced at intervals of 10,000 miles - though oil changes should be performed on a more flexible basis. Further information on your Skoda model’s exact servicing schedule can be found on the Skoda website – but can be followed by any independent garage.

As a standard, Bosch Auto service recommend an interim, or ‘bronze’ service be performed every 5000 to 7000 miles in order to ensure the roadworthiness of your Skoda between full, or ‘gold’ services. Regularly servicing your Skoda will help keep it safe, reduce repair costs, and ensure it is performing at its best. Book your Skoda service with us online here.

Will servicing my Skoda with an independent garage invalidate my warranty?

Servicing your Skoda with an independent garage or dealer will not invalidate its warranty – so long as certain conditions are met. Though dealerships often state that vehicles must be serviced at Skoda dealership locations in order to retain their warranties, EU ‘block exemption’ laws state that vehicle owners may have their vehicle serviced by an independent garage or dealership without invalidating their warranty - the manufacturer’s recommended schedule is followed, and only manufacturer-approved or equivalent quality parts are installed. Independent garages, such as Auto Service & Tuning Centre, are able to access Skoda's servicing schedules, invest in advanced diagnostic equipment on-par with that used in dealerships, and source genuine, or equivalent quality parts, whilst offering servicing at an accessible price point.

Auto Service & Tuning Centre guarantee our use of quality or manufacturer-approved parts, and recommended schedules in our Skoda services. Book with us today.

What is included in a full Skoda service?

The exact checks, adjustments, and part replacements your Skoda service includes are dependent on the type of service selected.

An interim, or 'bronze' service (conducted approximately every 5000 miles) includes approximately 30 system checks, including ABS warning lights, seatbelts, air conditioning, oil levels, and clutch fluid.

A full service, completed every 12 months, or 10,000 miles, will be more extensive - including approximately 50 checks and adjustments. Full services tend to cover all points of an interim service, alongside additional checks, and the replacement of expendable parts such as spark plugs, oil, and filters.

How long will a Skoda service take?

The length of a Skoda service varies depending on the type of service required, and the condition of your vehicle, with interim or 'bronze' services typically taking the least amount of time, and covering 31 checks and adjustments, whilst full services cover in excess of 50. On average, a Skoda service with Auto Service & Tuning Centre will take around 3 hours and will be completed by a team of specialist technicians and mechanics.

If any issues arise during the service out with planned part replacements, our team will explain in depth the reasons for replacement and associated costs, allowing the vehicle owner to make an informed decision before proceeding.

Do I have to get my Skoda serviced at Skoda?

Recently introduced EU ‘block exemption’ regulation allows independent garages and dealerships to complete servicing for all vehicle models without invalidating their warranty (so long as the manufacturer’s servicing schedule is followed, and equivalent quality parts are used where replacement is required. This means you are able to service your Skoda at any reputable garage you’d like.

Bosch Auto Centre are proud to offer fully accredited and certified Skoda servicing to Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, Royston, Baldock, Bedford, Luton, and beyond. As a result of their extensive training, and 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, our technicians possess unrivalled knowledge in the field of Skoda’s specifications and schedules. This, alongside our use of only quality and manufacturer-approved parts, ensures all services performed at Auto Service & Tuning Centre are in line with Skoda’s warranty retention requirements.

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