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If you’re looking for an advanced electric or hybrid car service expert in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, then Auto Service & Tuning Centre has the expertise you seek.

Electric and hybrid vehicles are gaining prominence on UK roads by the month, with a wider pool of models available to the consumer than ever before. Though these vehicles are subject to incredibly low maintenance and repair costs in comparison to traditional combustion engines, they still require regular servicing, and suffer from damage and wear. Due to the way in which they are powered, servicing and repair are performed at an increased risk, meaning finding a qualified electric car service technician is vital.

Auto Service & Tuning Centre is a proud, Bosch accredited provider of servicing and repairs to German electric and hybrid vehicles based in Hitchin. Our continued commitment to investment in both diagnostic equipment and technician training allows for the prompt and effective maintenance and repair of a huge variety of both PHEVs, and EVs across select German manufacturers. From standard general maintenance to complex electrical repairs, our skilled team is consistently able to return electric and hybrid vehicles to the road safely, and smoothly.

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We are proud to provide fully accredited and certified Bosch vehicle servicing to Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, Royston, Baldock, Bedford, Luton, and beyond. For further advice on selecting a service most suited to your car, or to speak to one of our specialists regarding any of our other services, contact us today.

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National Standard Electric Car Servicing, Every time.

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Top of the line diagnostic equipment

Auto Service & Tuning Centre’s team of Bosch accredited technicians are highly qualified, allowing for the use of advanced diagnostic equipment within our centre. Using this, our technicians can take readings relevant to all aspects of an electric or hybrid vehicle’s system allowing for accurate insight, and prompt diagnosis.

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Qualified Technicians

Our team of technicians are Bosch trained and accredited in the maintenance and repair of German EVs. Their unparalleled knowledge and technical expertise guarantee a high standard of workmanship.

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High-quality parts

Auto Service & Tuning Centres guarantee our use of only high quality or manufacturer-approved parts where required for German electric and hybrid vehicle repairs, helping ensure the safety of your vehicle at a fraction of dealership costs.

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Over 40 Years of Experience

Auto Service & Tuning Centres is built on a foundation of extensive experience within the automotive repair and servicing industry.

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Warranty retention

Auto Service & Tuning Centre’s use of only quality or manufacturer-approved parts, ensures all electric and hybrid vehicle services performed at Auto Service & Tuning Centre are in line with warranty retention requirements.

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Online booking service

We are proud to provide fully accredited and certified Bosch vehicle servicing to Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, Royston, Baldock, Bedford, Luton, and beyond. 

Our Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Service

Auto Service & Tuning Centre is proud to offer German electric and hybrid vehicle servicing and repairs conducted to the highest standard in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. We love to help you get back on the road with a renewed sense of confidence in your vehicle.

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Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Servicing

Electric and hybrid vehicle servicing provide complex challenges not experienced in ICE servicing, meaning finding a highly qualified and knowledgeable technician is vital in ensuring the safety of the service, and the performance of your vehicle.

Auto Service & Tuning Centre’s experienced technicians are fully qualified to service high voltage systems, hybrid engines, electrical motors, power inverter systems, battery regenerating braking systems, and electric control propulsion systems using a combination of advanced diagnostic equipment and specialist tools.

Our status as a Bosch accredited service centre provides our technicians with unrivalled knowledge of the manufacturer’s suggested servicing schedules, and warranty retention requirements, allowing us to provide servicing within warranty at a fraction of dealership costs.

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Repairs

PHEV and EV repairs provide many of the complex challenges seen in electric and hybrid servicing – the added element of high voltage electricity poses a significant safety risk, and can further add to the complexity of a vehicle’s many systems and parts. All repairs, from wiring checks to battery changes, are conducted using specialist equipment and diagnostic technology, ensuring safety, and quality of workmanship.

The Benefits of Regular Hybrid & Electric Car Servicing

Undertaking regular car servicing can provide you with absolute assurance in the safety and reliability of your electric or hybrid vehicle – the team at Auto Service & Tuning Centre believe this peace of mind is priceless. In addition to this primary benefit, there are a number of positives associated with regular servicing, including (but not limited to):

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Value retention – full-service histories make for an attractive selling point in used vehicles, particularly PHEVs and EVs. Auto Service & Tuning Centre provides the added benefit of a national guarantee on top of any existing warranties.

Reliable performance – regular checks to all key components of the vehicle mean issues can be caught before performance deteriorates, leading to an optimal ride, and lower repair costs.

Repair cost reduction – regular maintenance ensures the early detection of faults or damage, minimising the probability of significant damage or need for repair to a notable reduction in maintenance costs.

Auto Service & Tuning Centre is proud to provide servicing to all makes and models of both electric, and hybrid vehicles at our Hitchin-based centre. To experience the benefits of regular servicing, contact us today to book in your vehicle with one of our specialist, fully qualified technicians.

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Auto Service & Tuning Centre are accredited providers of Bosch standard servicing. Our highly trained technicians combine their unrivalled knowledge, and confident use of dealership standard diagnostic technology to provide a complete service, including extensive checks and adjustments, alongside scheduled part replacement using only quality, or manufacturer approved parts.

Electric Car Service FAQs

Do I have to get my car serviced by a main dealer?

Warranty retention is often a big concern for owners of newer vehicles – especially where servicing is concerned. Though dealerships often state that vehicles must be serviced at franchise locations in order to keep warranties intact, EU legislation introduced in 2003 states that vehicle owners are not obliged to have their vehicle serviced by a franchise dealer during the warranty period. This legislation is, however, subject to certain restrictions;

In order to retain a warranty whilst receiving service from a non-franchise dealer, the manufacturer’s recommended schedule must be followed, and only manufacturer-approved parts may be installed.

Auto Service & Tuning Centre guarantees our use of quality or manufacturer-approved parts, and recommended schedules in our services. Book with us today.

How much does a car service cost?

There are three main types of vehicle service – full, interim, and major services (or, Bronze, Silver, and Gold in the case of Bosch accredited garages). Each tier of service offers slightly different inspections and adjustments, with prices differing accordingly. The price of a service generally covers comprehensive checks and adjustments to over 31 different vehicle parts and systems depending on service type. It is important to note that this cost does not cover the cost of any repairs, replacements, or new parts.

An interim, or Bronze service with Auto Service & Tuning Centre generally costs £X, and covers checks and adjustments of – Bodywork and mirrors, timing belt interval, ABS, warning lights, interior and exterior lights, seatbelts, windscreen wipers, mirrors, fuel cap, air conditioning, power steering, auxiliary and fan belts, air filter, battery, clutch, handbrake, engine and gearbox oil levels, fluid levels, steering and suspension, exhaust system, fuel lines, brake pipes and hoses, cylinders, calipers, tyres, brake pads, drums, discs, and emissions. Interim services also include oil filter replacement.

A full, or silver service with Auto Service & Tuning Centre generally costs £X, and covers everything covered in an interim service, alongside an air filter replacement, and checks for wear and tear and functionality of the vehicle’s door hinges, catches, and locks, coolant system, engine cooling fan, throttle operation, distributor cap, engine and gearbox mounts, radiator and coolant pipes, starter motor, wheels and bearings, and brakes.

A major, or gold service with Auto Service & Tuning Centre generally costs £X, and includes everything covered in a full service, alongside extensive checks and inspection, and the changing of spark plugs, and fuel filters.

What does a service include?

A service generally includes comprehensive checks and adjustments of over 31 different vehicle parts and systems dependant on service type, including (but not limited to);

  • Engine oil changes or filter replacement
  • Functionality checks on lights, brakes, and steering.
  • Engine tuning adjustments
  • Hydraulic fluid and coolant level checks
  • Suspension checks
  • Steering alignment
  • Battery condition checks

Service coverage is affected by the type of service required. Auto Service & Tuning Centre currently offers bronze, silver, and gold Bosch accredited services. Contact us today to find out more.

What is the difference between a service and an MOT?

Services and MOTs are two very different services. Whilst an MOT is an annual inspection covering safety and roadworthiness, services account for wear and tear, ensuring all aspects of the vehicle out with MOT requirements are accounted for, keeping your vehicle in peak condition, and replacing parts such as air filters and fluids when required.

Whilst MOTs are undertaken once per year, services are generally performed at set time intervals, or after a vehicle has travelled a specific number of miles. Manufacturers will generally provide a service ‘timetable’ that vehicle owners should aim to follow in order to maintain vehicle condition.

Auto Service & Tuning Centre currently offers three tiers of Bosch accredited servicing packages; Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

How often should I get a service?

Your garage should be able to provide specialist advice on when your vehicle’s next service should be, however, general guidelines state that full, or Silver services should be carried out annually, or approximately every 12,000 miles driven.
Auto Service & Tuning Centre currently offer three levels of Bosch accredited services;

Best suited to well maintained, low-mileage vehicles
Includes 31 service tasks and checks
Includes oil change and oil filter replacement

Should be conducted every 12,000 miles, or every year
Includes 47 service tasks and checks
Includes oil change, in addition to oil and air filter replacement

Should be conducted 24,000 miles or every 2 years
Includes 53 service tasks and checks
Includes oil change, oil, and air filter replacement and spark plug replacement if necessary

How long should a service take?

A service with Auto Service & Tuning Centre takes on average around 3 hours and will be completed by a team of specialist technicians and mechanics, who will inspect over 31 different aspects of the vehicle, replacing specified parts where necessary. The number of parts checked is dependent on the service type required.

If any issues arise during the service out with planned part replacements, our team will explain in depth the reasons for replacement and associated costs, allowing the vehicle owner to make an informed decision before proceeding.

Is a car service necessary?

Services, unlike MOT tests, are not a legal requirement. However, regularly servicing a vehicle is the best way to keep it in peak condition, and catch issues before they become performance deteriorates. There are a number of benefits associated with regular servicing, including (but not limited to):

  • Value retention – full-service histories make for an attractive selling point in used vehicles
  • Reliable performance – regular checks to all key components of the vehicle mean issues can be caught before performance deteriorates
  • Increased fuel efficiency – regular engine oil and oil filter changes result in increased fuel efficiency and smoother performance
  • Improved braking – full services include a comprehensive brake check, ensuring optimum functionality.

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