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Clutch Repair & Replacement in Hitchin, Hertfordshire

At Auto Service & Tuning Centre, we provide a clutch repair and replacement service to Hitchin, Hertfordshire and beyond that is second to none.

The clutch is an integral part of both vehicles and machinery, allowing for the effective transfer of power between a power source and a mechanism (in the automotive world, between the engine and wheels).

When the clutch is engaged, the clutch plate, pressure plate, and flywheel will spin in synchroneity to match the speed of the engine, allowing the vehicle to move. When the clutch pedal is released, the system is disengaged, and the clutch plate will spin independently of the flywheel and pressure plate. This process allows for gear changing, and for the vehicle to be brought to a stop whilst the engine is running. Though clutch systems or ‘transmissions’ are composed of hardwearing parts, they can be subject to both faults, and wear and tear, often necessitating costly replacements if left untreated.

Auto Service & Tuning Centre offers sophisticated clutch fault diagnosis, repair, and replacement services. Using a unique combination of advanced diagnostic technology, and traditional skills, our Bosch accredited technicians work to diagnose clutch faults promptly and accurately.

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We are proud to provide fully accredited and certified Bosch vehicle servicing to Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, Royston, Baldock, Bedford, Luton, and beyond. For further advice on selecting a service most suited to your car, or to speak to one of our specialists regarding any of our other services, contact us today.

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National Standard Workmanship, Every time.

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Top of the line diagnostic equipment

Auto Service & Tuning Centre’s team of Bosch accredited technicians are highly qualified, allowing for the use of advanced diagnostic equipment within our centre. Using this, our technicians can take readings relevant to all aspects of a vehicle’s transmission system, allowing for an accurate diagnosis, and avoiding unnecessary remedial work.

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Qualified Technicians

Our team of technicians are Bosch trained and accredited. Their unparalleled knowledge and technical expertise guarantee a high standard of workmanship.

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High quality parts

Auto Service & Tuning Centres guarantee our use of only high quality or manufacturer-approved parts where required for clutch repair or replacement, helping get your vehicle back on the road at a fraction of dealership costs.

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Over 40 Years of Experience

Auto Service & Tuning Centres is built on a foundation of extensive experience within the automotive repair and servicing industry.

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We are proud to provide fully accredited and certified Bosch vehicle servicing to Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, Royston, Baldock, Bedford, Luton, and beyond. 

Our Clutch Repair & Replacement Service

Auto Service & Tuning Centre is proud to offer comprehensive clutch repair and replacement services conducted by highly qualified, Bosch accredited technicians.

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Clutch Repair

Our clutch repair service includes an extensive inspection of all aspects of the clutch, including the clutch plate, pressure plate, and flywheel, alongside the hydraulic system used for initiating engagement, and disengagement, including the slave cylinder, clutch fluid, piston seals, and piping. Auto Service & Tuning Centre’s skilled technicians work to source all present faults before making recommendations relevant to remedial work.

Should clutch repairs be required, we guarantee the use of only high quality or manufacturer-approved parts or fluid, ensuring the longevity of our work. For further information regarding our clutch repair service, or to book in your vehicle, contact Auto Service & Tuning Centre today.

Clutch Replacement

In the case of significant wear or damage, our technicians may recommend a clutch replacement. This is especially common in cases of ineffective friction plates, which prevent effective engagement. Though clutch replacements can often be relatively costly, they are often necessary to vehicle functionality by the point of a technician’s recommendation. Without a correctly functioning clutch, drivers often experience a lack of acceleration power, and gear slippage, amongst a host of issues.

Auto Service & Tuning Centre is proud to provide a comprehensive clutch replacement and fitting service at our centre in Hitchin. Our Bosch accredited technicians are able to provide clutch replacement across all common vehicle makes and models, and guarantee our use of only high quality, or manufacturer-approved parts.

Benefits of Regular Clutch Servicing

The clutch is an essential factor in everyday driving, meaning faults and issues should be dealt with as soon as they arise. Vehicles subject to quality clutch repair and replacement services often experience a number of benefits, including;

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Improved Control – fully functional clutch and transmission systems allow for greater control, contributing greatly to a smooth and easy driving experience.

Full Gear Functionality – significantly worn or damaged clutch and transmission systems commonly result in unusable gears, all of which should be fully functional following a repair or replacement.

Ease of shifting – clutch issues often result in gear ‘slippage’, particularly in cases of high mileage or significant wear and tear. Clutch repairs and replacements significantly improve the gear shifting experience, avoiding delays, and slippage.

Improved acceleration – worn clutch plates often result in a loss of power transfer from the engine to wheels. Clutch repair and replacement ensure the effective transfer of this power, allowing for significantly improved acceleration.

Auto Service & Tuning Centres are highly experienced in clutch fault diagnosis, repair, replacement, and fitting. Contact our team today to book in your vehicle, or for further advice regarding any of our services.

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Auto Service & Tuning Centre are accredited providers of Bosch standard servicing. Our highly trained technicians combine their unrivalled knowledge, and confident use of dealership standard diagnostic technology to provide a complete service, including extensive checks and adjustments, alongside scheduled part replacement using only quality, or manufacturer approved parts.

Hertfordshire Clutch Repair FAQs

What is a clutch?

The clutch is an integral part of vehicles and machinery across the globe. In the case of vehicles, in the simplest of terms, the clutch allows for the separation of the engine from the wheels – allowing the driver to change gear, and stop whilst the engine is running.

When the clutch is pressed down, the desired gear is selected, and the pedal is subsequently raised, springs grip the clutch plate between the pressure plate and the flywheel. As a result of this, the clutch is ‘engaged’ – all three pieces will spin in synchroneity to match the speed of the engine. This allows the vehicle to move. When the clutch is disengaged in a moving vehicle, the clutch disc will spin independently of the flywheel and pressure plate. This is what allows vehicles to change gears and come to a stop whilst the engine is running.

How do I know if my clutch has a problem?

There are many signs of a clutch problem – listed below are some of the most common indicators;

Burning smell – The presence of a burning smell whilst driving is often an indicator of a serious issue, meaning the vehicle should be stopped as soon as is safely possible. Though a burning smell is considered an indicator for many faults, the cause is often a worn, or damaged clutch, which allows for the build-up of heat.

Spongy clutch – If the clutch pedal feels unusual or ‘spongey’ when pressed down, the cause is likely a worn clutch.

Difficulty changing gears – One of the most obvious indicators of a worn or broken clutch is difficulty changing gears – often caused by the clutch struggling or failing to engage. If caught early, this issue may be resolved by a small clutch repair – avoiding the costs of a replacement.

Visible damage – The presence of fine black dust within the bell housing is a sure indicator of a damaged or worn clutch.

Higher biting point – As the clutch degrades, its biting point tends to become higher. If there is a notable difference in biting point, hiring a garage or mechanic to investigate the condition of the clutch is generally worthwhile.

If your vehicle is experiencing any of the above symptoms, don’t hesitate. Get in contact with Auto Service & Tuning Centre today for specialist advice and repairs.

How long will a clutch last?

Though the clutch is incredibly durable, much like any other part, they are generally replaced at least once during a vehicle’s lifetime.

The average lifespan for a clutch can be anywhere between 50,000 to 100,000 miles, though, this number can vary greatly in accordance with a number of factors, including driving style, and climate. For example, motorway cruising is generally much gentler on a clutch than stop/start city driving. Vehicles regularly towing large or oversized loads tend to experience clutch burnout below the 50,000-mile mark.

It is important to note that the flywheel can have an impact on the lifespan of a clutch. As these parts essentially work together as one, if the clutch is replaced whilst the old flywheel is left, or vice versa, the lifespan of both components will be considerably reduced.

What is clutch fluid?

Clutch fluid (also used as brake fluid in a separate system of the vehicle) allows the driver to engage and disengage the clutch using pressure. When the clutch pedal is depressed, the clutch fluid will flow from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder. The pressure of the fluid will then engage the clutch, allowing for the vehicle to move, and change gear. After the clutch pedal has been released, the fluid will retreat back to the master cylinder.

How often should you change clutch fluid?

Clutch fluid does not typically require frequent changing, as it operates within a closed system consisting of a reservoir, master cylinder, slave cylinder, and tubing, and is used only to provide pressure. This means that low clutch fluid levels are a rare issue.

As long as there is enough fluid present within the system to provide enough pressure to engage the clutch, top-ups and changes are not required. There are exceptions to this, including system leaks as a result of wear and tear.

If your vehicle is experiencing clutch-related issues, contact Auto Service & Tuning Centre for further advice or assistance. One of our specialists will be happy to help.

How much does a clutch replacement cost?

The cost of a full clutch replacement can vary greatly depending on the issue at hand, and the model of the vehicle. The average cost of a clutch replacement in the UK in 2020 is between £400 - £600. A clutch replacement, where possible, can cost significantly less.

If your vehicle is showing signs of a worn or damaged clutch, get in contact with Auto Service & Tuning Centre. Our expert clutch fitters will be able to advise on whether your clutch should be repaired, or replaced, and will provide an accurate quote prior to proceeding, letting you make an informed decision.

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