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If you are looking to get your car air con serviced in Hitchin then Auto Service & Tuning Centre has you covered. Car air conditioning and climate control – standard features in the vast majority of modern vehicles – play an integral role in ensuring the environment within the cabin is as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Though the car air con and climate control’s primary function is to maintain an optimum temperature within the cabin, these systems actively work to improve air quality; filtering out pollen, pollutants, and airborne bacteria. As one of the most frequently used ‘accessories’ in a vehicle, these systems are generally subject to high levels of wear and tear, meaning servicing and maintenance must be undertaken on a regular basis to ensure it is performing at its best.

Auto Service & Tuning Centre is proud to provide air con and climate control check-ups, servicing, and repair packages in Hitchin, conducted to a national standard by our Bosch accredited technicians. Our team use a unique combination of state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, and traditional skill, allowing them to replenish and replace depleted refrigerant, install new filters, conduct leak tests, and inspect the entire system, including the condenser unit, compressor, and hoses promptly and effectively. In addition to this, our technicians are fully certified in the handling of both R134a and R1234yf gas. Find out more about our aircon and climate control services below;

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Auto Service & Tuning Centres are accredited providers of Bosch standard air con and climate control servicing, inspection, and repairs. Our highly trained technicians combine their unrivalled knowledge and confident use of dealership standard diagnostic technology to provide quality service, from regassing to part repairs in Hitchin.

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National Standard Workmanship, Every time

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Top of the line diagnostic equipment

Auto Service & Tuning Centre’s team of Bosch accredited technicians are highly qualified, allowing for the use of sophisticated diagnostic equipment within our centre. Using this equipment, our technicians can undertake inspections of all aspects of a car’s aircon and climate control system, from the compressor to refrigerant levels, resulting in a prompt and accurate diagnosis.

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Qualified Technicians

Our professionally trained team are fully qualified in the use and handling of both R134a and R1234yf gases, allowing for the safe, effective conduction of aircon services across the board.

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High-quality parts

Auto Service & Tuning Centres guarantee our use of only high-quality, or manufacturer-approved parts where required for aircon and climate control repair or servicing, helping your car perform at its best, at a fraction of dealership costs.

Our Air Conditioning and Climate Control Service

Auto Service & Tuning Centre is proud to offer car air con and climate control servicing, regas and repair services in Hitchin, conducted to the highest standard by Bosch accredited technicians.

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Car Air Conditioning and Climate Control Check-up

Auto Service & Tuning Centre’s car air con and climate control check-up services in Hitchin involve both a visual inspection and the collection of temperature and pressure readings, giving insight into the condition of the vehicle’s aircon system. Following a car air con check-up, our experienced technicians will analyse these readings, and suggest potential issues with the car aircon system accordingly. Common issues detected by check-ups include depleted refrigerant levels and leaks.

Our technicians will provide estimated quotes for repair or servicing where required, allowing you to make a fully informed decision regarding your vehicle’s aircon system.

Car Air Conditioning and Climate Control Service

Regular servicing is one of the best ways to ensure your vehicle’s aircon or climate control system is maintained and performing optimally. The expendable nature of both the filter and the refrigerant gas upon which the system relies can lead to a decrease in performance over a time span as short as one year. For this reason, the majority of manufacturers recommend undertaking a car aircon service at least every two years.

Auto Service & Tuning Centre’s full car aircon service package includes extensive checks systemwide. Our technicians work to ensure that seals are sufficiently lubricated, refrigerant gases are fully replenished, disposable filters are replaced, pressure levels are correct, and the system as a whole is leak-free, without excessive wear and tear.

Car Air Conditioning and Climate Control Repair

As car air con and climate control systems are subject to such frequent use, the parts contained within them often fall victim to wear and tear. If your car air con check-up suggests issues beyond regular refrigerant depletion, or an old filter, an investigation, and repair service may be required. At Auto Service & Tuning Centre, our expert technicians combine sophisticated diagnostic equipment and traditional know-how to effectively detect, and resolve issues within the vehicle’s aircon system, using only quality parts where replacement is required.

Benefits of Car Air Con Service

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure the optimum performance of your vehicle’s aircon system, adding to your driving comfort level throughout the year. Further benefits of aircon maintenance include;

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Correct temperature levels – the presence of sufficient refrigerant levels is essential to the effective functioning of the aircon system. Without maintenance, levels of these gases will drop by 8% annually, leaving the system to blow warm air. Aircon servicing ensures the replenishment of all refrigerants to full, resulting in a consistently pleasant temperature for an extended period of time.

Effective filtering – the filter is responsible for keeping airborne contaminants, including bacteria, pollen, and particulates out of the cabin. Filters are generally disposable in nature and will deteriorate over time. Regular replacement ensures high air quality, and greatly reduces the presence of contaminants.

Odour prevention – regular aircon maintenance ensures the prevention of excessive moisture and bacteria build-up, preventing unpleasant odours.

Increased fuel efficiency – a worn or faulty aircon system can significantly increase engine strain, greatly affecting fuel efficiency. Allowing a professional to conduct an inspection of your vehicle’s aircon system regularly can allow for the detection of any issues, and prompt rectification, helping reduce strain, and increase fuel efficiency.

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Auto Service & Tuning Centre are accredited providers of Bosch standard servicing. Our highly trained technicians combine their unrivalled knowledge, and confident use of dealership standard diagnostic technology to provide a complete service, including extensive checks and adjustments, alongside scheduled part replacement using only quality, or manufacturer approved parts.

Car Air Con and Climate Control Service FAQs

Do I need to get my air con serviced?

On average, a car’s aircon system will leak 8% of the refrigerant gases held within it every year. These gases are essential to the effective function of an aircon system, meaning the presence of a leak can lead to issues such as the aircon blowing warm air instead of cold – a nightmare during hot British summers.

In order to ensure your vehicle’s aircon is in top working order, it is necessary to undertake a service that includes aircon checks regularly. This will rectify any faults present in the aircon system, and replenish any depleted gases or fluids. Alternatively, if your aircon is already showing signs of performance decline, visit your local garage or repairs centre for a regas, dryer, or filter check.

Auto Service & Tuning Centre is proud to offer complete aircon repair and maintenance services, including regassing. Get in contact with us today to book in your vehicle, or for further information regarding any of our services.

Why does my car air con rattle when I turn it on?

A noisy aircon can be an indicator of many issues, especially if the noise or rattle is particularly loud when the system is first turned on. Listed below are some potential causes;

Compressor issues – A rattling noise when turning on the vehicle’s air conditioning is a common early indicator of aircon compression failure
Pulley bearing failure - If the vehicle’s compressor pulley bearings are failing or in bad condition, they tend to be loud upon air condition start-up. The noises made by these bearings is often described as a grinding, rattling, or squealing sound.
Worn serpentine belt – Worn serpentine belts are known to slip when the compressor is engaged, which may lead to an unusual rattling sound.
Worn or broken Compressor Clutch - The compressor clutch undergoes a high amount of wear and tear. If it is particularly damaged or worn, it can make a rattling noise during operation. This issue often necessitates the replacement of the part, or of the part, and the attached compressor, depending on the vehicle type.
Audible rattling produced by the vehicle when the aircon is turned on can also be a general indicator of the strain the engine is under. Activating a system of this size can put a heavy load on the engine, creating additional vibrations and rattling noise across the entire vehicle. This noise could be originating from a huge number of things, from loose parts to pulleys.

Auto Service & Tuning Centre is proud to offer complete aircon repair and maintenance services, including regassing. If your aircon is making a rattling noise or is not performing as well as it used to, contact us today to book in your vehicle, or for further information regarding any of our services.

How long does it take to regas a car AC system?

A standard car aircon regas should take approximately 45 minutes. This process will ensure the replenishment of any depleted refrigerant gases in the vehicle’s aircon system – and will include checks to ensure the detection of any faults.

Following the regassing process, the aircon should be working smoothly, and be blowing cold air consistently.

Our clients are welcome to wait in our reception area for the duration of their vehicle’s aircon regassing, or, alternatively, may leave their car with us for pick-up later in the day. Get in contact with us today to book in your vehicle, or for further information regarding any of our services.

How much is car airc on regas?

The price of an aircon regas is dependent on the type of refrigerant required. Different vehicle models and types require different refrigerants, though, the vast majority of cars in the UK at the moment use one of two - R134A and R1234YF.

Auto Service & Tuning Centre is able to offer regas services for vehicles requiring both R134A and R1234YF, with an R134A regas costing £X, and an R1234YF regas costing £X.

For further information on our regassing services and prices, or, to book your vehicle in, please contact us.

Why is my car air con blowing hot air?

A car aircon system blowing hot air is generally an indicator of one of two common issues;

Low refrigerant levels – Refrigerants are an essential component of a car’s aircon system. If there are not sufficient refrigerant levels present, the aircon will be unable to cool any warm air present in the system, resulting in the vents blowing hot air. Low refrigerant levels are most commonly caused by leaks. These leaks can be difficult to identify, as refrigerants tend to revert back to a gaseous state upon exposure to a non-pressurised area. If your aircon issues are being caused by low refrigerant levels, the best course of action is to book into a garage trained in aircon repair and regassing.

Faulty or broken compressor – the compressor plays an integral role in ensuring the delivery of cold air to the vehicle. The compressor is what drives the refrigerant through the system – meaning there will be no cold air if it is malfunctioning or broken. Compressors (and compressor clutches) are subject to a high amount of wear and tear and are commonly found to be the reason behind aircon problems in vehicles.

Aircon systems blowing hot air can also indicate issues with cooling fans or the condenser. For a professional diagnosis from a trustworthy garage, get in contact with Auto Service & Tuning Centre today.

Why is my car air con leaking water?

Water leaking outside of the vehicle in the form of a few drips is generally considered to be normal if the aircon has been running for a while. The aircon system cools the car, in part, by pulling humidity from the air and condensing it, resulting in waste liquid, which is allowed to drain from the car.

Water leaking from the air conditioning on the inside of the vehicle, however, is abnormal and should be investigated. Indoor aircon water leaks may indicate a clogged evaporator drain, faulty seals, or a faulty condenser.

The best way in which to deal with an abnormal aircon water leak is to seek a professional diagnosis or advice. Auto Service & Tuning Centre is proud to offer complete aircon diagnosis, repair, and maintenance services, including regassing. Get in contact with us today to book in your vehicle, or for further information regarding any of our services.

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